I was on C-Span's Washington Journal yesterday, talking about Syria and related issues from a libertarian perspective. Click above to watch (about 45 minutes total) or watch at C-SPAN. If my Twitter feed is any indication, it's a pretty lively and provocative discussion with host Steve Scully and a wide range of callers.

@nickgillespie @cspanwj You've blown their minds. Good job!

— American Hero, Joe (@American_hero) September 1, 2013

The news commentary site Mediaite (and a number of other places, including The Daily Caller) have singled out my comments on Weekly Standard Editor William Kristoal and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer for special attention:

“Let’s be blunt,” Gillespie said. “[Kristol] has essentially zero wins in his column. When I think of the foreign policy mastery that comes out of theWeekly Standard, which was an instrumental mouthpiece for the Bush administration, and before that they were calling for intervention throughout the Balkans—In their short existence, they have never met a war they didn’t like.”

“For all of his plaudits, he has no credibility on foreign policy,” Gillespie continued. “Every decision that he has pushed and urged on America—including before 9/11, to start getting really antagonistic militarily with China—has been wrong. It’s about time that we stop paying that much attention to a kind of perspective on military action that coming out of the Weekly Standard.”

Gillespie also dismissed Krauthammer’s criticism of Obama’s alleged inaction.

“I’m not sure what Charles Krauthammer can point to, to say, ‘Look, I said we should go into Iraq, and that’s a great thing, and we should go into Afghanistan, and that’s a great thing,” Gillespie said.

“People who are interested in going to war are always in favor of war, and then they always criticize when war doesn’t go well,” Gillespie said. “Pundits, every once in a while, should be held accountable for their past recommendations, and these guys have a track record that is god-awful.”

Read the Mediaite piece here.

And take two minutes to watch "3 Reasons Not to Go to War with Syria":