• “We Built This” is to be the theme of the RNC convention. If by “This” they mean a vast military, the Department of Homeland Security, an expansion of the welfare state, and Gitmo, what’s not to like?
  • Todd Akin is pleading for forgiveness in a new campaign ad after his comments on rape and pregnancy caused outcry. He has until the end of the day to heed the GOP leadership’s recommendations and abort his campaign.
  • London Mayor Boris Johnson endorsed gay marriage saying he wants same-sex couples to enjoy the 'happy state' of marriage, something the once divorced adulterer would know a lot about. 
  • A rocket hit the plane of the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey in Afghanistan. Some minor injuries were reported. 
  • Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has died in Brussels after weeks of speculation about his health and whereabouts. 

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