By now you've probably heard enough claims about what Ben Bernanke was saying or predicting in 2005 or 2006 that you're not sure which wrong prognostication the current Federal Reserve Bank chairman did or did not make. (Bernanke did not for example claim, "Blake is gonna wipe the floor with Jordin, bee-yatch," in 2006. That was 2007.) Now you can check your recollections against the tape:

Does anybody believe these selective clips are damning? Note that the evidence Bernanke deployed in each of these clips was more or less true at the time. Anybody who often speaks to cameras makes statements that will eventually look silly. That's more true if the anybody in question is being called upon, by non-experts, to play a role that is no longer tenable in human civilization: calm but candid elder potentate.

These clips do, however, support the case for generally reducing the authority of those people whose job it is to manipulate the nation's monopoly currency.

And since five minutes of Ben Bernanke fielding moronic questions from illiterates is four minutes and fiftynine seconds more than most people care for, here's a laff-filled clip of the president I predict will turn out to be President Obama's true model and precursor: Chet Roosevelt.