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Apply now for the Georgetown Originalism Summer Seminar

Learn cutting edge originalism from top scholars and jurists

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The 2020 Summer Seminar will run from May 18-22. The five-day course runs from Sunday evening, May 17 to Friday evening, May 22, 2020. Morning sessions beginning at 8:00 a.m. followed with a daily luncheon and afternoon meetings each day. A reception and dinner will be held on on Wednesday May 20 and the week concludes with a  farewell reception on Friday May 22.  The application season is open until February 7, 2020.


• Overview of Originalism (Georgetown Law Professor Lawrence Solum)
• Normative Rationales For Originalism (Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett)
• Criticisms of Originalism (George Washington Law Professor Thomas Colby)
• Public Meaning Originalism (Professor Solum)
• Original Methods Originalism (USD Professor Michael Rappaport)
• Framework Originalism (Yale Law Professor Jack Balkin)
• Original Law Originalism (Duke Law Professor Stephen Sachs)
• Diverse Originalism (Brooklyn Law Professor Christina Mulligan)
• Implementing the Second Amendment (Judge Diane Sykes)
• Originalist Methodology (Professor Solum)
• Originalism & the Philosophy of Language (USC Philosophy Professor Scott Soames)
• Corpus Linguistics (Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee)
• Constitutional Construction (Evan Bernick)
• Originalist Sources (Richmond Law Professor Jud Campbell)
• Cruel and Unusual Punishment (University of Florida Law Professor John Stinneford)

Further information and application instructions are available here.