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Father Sues His 8- and 10-Year-Old Daughters for Slander

Be good, boys and girls, or we'll sue you, too.

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The daughters allegedly told police officers, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, "and other persons" that the father had punched the 8-year-old and pulled her hair; this led to the father being "arrested on a Domestic Violence charge," which "remains pending."

His ex-wife (with whom he had been "involved in an extensive and litigious divorce matter") allegedly told police, DCFS, "and other persons" that he told the older daughter "that if she behaved as her sister then [he] would also strike her," and that he "is mentally and emotionally abusive to his children." According to the complaint, "Upon information and belief, Lisa Peters [the ex-wife] was the primary witness pushing to prosecution of Denny Peters [the father] in that criminal matter."

Denny Peters says those were lies, so he's suing the girls, as well as his ex, demanding $50,000 from each of the three, plus an extra $50,000 for civil conspiracy. I can't say I've ever seen a lawsuit quite like this, but perhaps I'm naïve.

The case is Peters v. Peters, just filed by Peters' lawyer (Timothy M. Barnes) Monday in Cook County, Illinois.