Gary Johnson

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld Being Considered for Gary Johnson's Libertarian Vice President Slot


Former Massachusetts Republican Governor William Weld was for a moment there in the 1990s the darling of more establishment-minded libertarians looking for successful politicians with a roughly fiscal conservative/socially liberal bent. 

Weld/Mintz Levin law firm website

This morning the Daily Caller first reported he is being seriously considered by Gary Johnson for his vice presidential slot, quoting an unnamed campaign source as saying that "vetting is ongoing" on Weld. (The Libertarian Party chooses its vice president in a separate election from the president, but the presidential choice's choice could be expected to influence them, at least.)

Joe Hunter from the Johnson campaign confirmed this in an emailed statement: "For a former Governor and well known public figure, 'vetting' is not the operative word, nor necessary. But yes, Governor Weld is being seriously considered." 

I've reached out to Weld by phone and email but have not yet received a reply. If I do, will update this post accordingly.

This would be the kind of vice presidential pick doubling down on the presidential candidate's own qualities with no attempt at widening appeal: two ex-Republican governors for the Libertarians.