You Put Your Politics Into My Sports!

Listen to Anthony Fisher and Matt Welch talk about the bloody intersection between policy and sports on Sirius XM channel 121 at noon ET


What part about "illegal" don't you understand? ||| ESPN

Today on SiriusXM's Insight Hour (channel 121), instead of talking about how the political arena is a den of vituperative stupidity, we'll instead discuss starting at noon ET how the political arena has annexed waaaay to much of our sporting arenas. Along with resident Reason sports fanatic Anthony L. Fisher, I'll be talking about:

1) The betting, ethics, and joys of March Madness.

2) Why Cubs Manager Joe Maddon is a voice of libertarian sanity in a nanny state world run amok.

3) How the White Sox bungled take-your-kid-to-work-everyday day.

4) How baseball owners are bravely risking their own livelihoods (or not) by opposing Donald Trump.

We may also get to football concussions, and—if there aren't enough sports callers at 877-974-7487—how capital-L Libertarians (and the rest of us) should feel about #NeverTrumper conservatives seeking to hijack the nearest available Third Party to deny The Donald his riot-free prize. Turn on your satellite!