Marco Rubio

The Rubio/Cruz Foreign Policy Debate Keeps Getting Worse

When Cruz cracks that we'll find out "if sand can glow in the dark," Rubio responds with...this?


Remember when Ted Cruz issued a little over-the-top bluster about nuking the Islamic State? "I don't know if sand can glow in the dark," he said last month, "but we're going to find out." Yesterday Marco Rubio responded:

Two more Floridians with a casual attitude toward nuclear annihilation.

Words and political stunts cannot ensure our security. ISIS cannot be filibustered. While some claim they would destroy ISIS, that they would make the sands of the Middle East "glow in the dark," my question is: with what? Because they certainly can't do it with the oldest and smallest Air Force in the history of this country, or with the smallest Army we've had since World War II, or with the smallest and oldest Navy we've had since 1915. Yet these are what we will have thanks to the cuts these candidates have supported and even tried to deepen.

Marco Rubio, ladies and gentlemen. A man who reacts to loose talk about a nuclear war by complaining that the would-be bomber won't put his money where his mouth is.