Don't Be A Menace to the 'Hood While Wearing Your Hoodie While in Oklahoma!


Via the invaluable Twitter feed of Like a Libertarian comes word of a possible Oklahoma law banning wearing a hoodie over your head in a public place.

The proposed fine for "conceal[ing]" your identity in public is $500.

From KFOR.com:

The cold Oklahoma weather has many sporting hoodies outside to help fight the cold, but wearing a hood in a public place could soon be against the law.

The idea of banning hoods is not new to Oklahoma, right now, there is a law banning hoods during crimes that's been around since the 20's.

It was originally drafted to help combat crimes from the Klu-Klux-Klan, but people we spoke with say a new amendment of banning hoodies in public could open doors to a bigger problem.

They're a common closet find, the hoodie….

"If somebody is out running, especially in this kind of weather, where it's cold, drizzly, you might be inclined to wear your hoodie at Lake Hefner," attorney James Siderias said.

"21 OS 1301 has always made it a crime to wear a hoodie or some sort of disguise during the commission of criminal offense," Siderias says.

Now, a proposal for an amendment to that law, could make it illegal to hide your identity in public. The fine for your fashion crime? $500….

"The intent of Senate Bill 13 is to make businesses and public places safer by ensuring that people cannot conceal their identities for the purpose of crime or harassment….Similar language has been in Oklahoma statutes for decades and numerous other states have similar laws in place. Oklahoma businesses want state leaders to be responsive to their safety concerns, and this is one way we can provide protection," said Sen. Don Barrington of Lawton.

You got that? It's already illegal to wear a hood while committing a crime but lawmakers want to amend the law so you can't just walk around with your face unclear to the owners of places you might want to buy shit…. Next up: a ban on bangs, because you know you have such a pretty face why do you want to hide it from people especially maybe closed circuit TVs…

There would be exemptions for religious wear and Halloween costumes. Because you know, they're not idiots or anything.

Read the whole thing and weep for the Republic.

That time Oklahoma banned tattoos between 1963 and 2006.

That time Oklahoma maintained alcohol prohibition until 1959.