Police Body-Cam Captures Puppycide


Courtesy of Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC) comes this horrible video below of what appears to show a police officer from Cleburne, Texas, shooting at a couple of stray dogs who are standing around wagging their tails and not engaging in aggressive behavior:


The police have confirmed that the video is what it looks like, but as is typical, the department is reflexively defending the officer while promising to investigate:

"The City is obviously concerned about the video showing an officer shooting a dog. As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story. The officer was responding to a 911 call for assistance. Three dogs had pinned some residents in a vehicle. One dog was secured without incident before the shooting. The officer was attempting to secure the other dogs until animal control arrived when one dog became aggressive.

The City of Cleburne takes the safety of our residents, their pets, and our officers seriously. This incident is currently under review. The review will include interviews with witnesses and review of department policies. Once the review is concluded, any actions that may be warranted will be handled swiftly and appropriately.

PINAC is pushing for a release of the full body-cam video, as this is only a short segment. PINAC also has a video from this same police department showing an officer Tazing a guy at a stop for an alleged hit-and-run incident for having the nerve to ask why he was being arrested.