PC Sales Saw Record Drop in 2013

Down 10 percent


The year 2013 wasn't the best one for PC shipments, according to analyst firms.

The number of PC units that were shipped globally last year was down 10 percent compared with the 2012 figure, according to preliminary data released on Thursday by IDC. The Framingham, Mass.-based research and consulting firm described that 2013 market performance as "a record drop."

The 10 percent drop was affirmed by Gartner Inc., which also released preliminary PC market figures. The 2013 result was described as "the worst decline in PC market history" per Gartner's announcement.

Consumer buying represented the weaker side of the PC market, especially with tablets drawing the attention of potential PC buyers. However, businesses were spurred on to make some PC purchases due to Windows XP's expiring product lifecycle, according to IDC.