Obama To Speak On NSA Reforms on January 17


NSA Demonstration

The Washington Post is reporting that President Obama will make a speech next Friday detailing how he plans to reform the National Security Agency. It will be interesting to see if the president has been co-opted by the minions of the national security state or if he can remember that civil libertarians were once part of the coalition that put him into office. From the Post:

Obama and his aides have been focused behind-the-scenes this week on finishing its review of the spy programs and preparing for the president's address to the nation. Privacy and civil liberty activists, along with top tech company executives, are calling on the president to adopt sweeping reforms to curb the NSA's collection of phone call metadata and other personal information of online users.

But U.S. defense and intelligence agencies have argued fiercely that such information is necessary to keep the public safe, even though a White House advisory board found in a December report no evidence that such data prevented a terrorist attack.

Stay tuned.

See my post from earlier today on the new radical reform recommendations made by former NSA insiders.