Sen. Ron Johnson To Challenge Special Treatment of Members of Congress Under Obamacare

Objects to members of Congress and their staff receiving subsidies


Jan 6 (Reuters) - Republican Senator Ron Johnson planned to file a lawsuit on Monday challenging "special treatment" for members of the U.S. Congress in the application of President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

Johnson, of Wisconsin, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Obama administration exceeded its legal authority by arranging federal subsidies for members of Congress and their staff under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

"The president and his congressional supporters have also broken their promise to the American people that Obamacare was going to be so good that they would participate in it just like everyone else," Johnson wrote. "In truth, many members of Congress feel entitled to an exemption from the harsh realities of the law they helped jam down Americans' throats in 2010."