Reason Live Tweets Obama's Syria Speech Tomorrow Tonight at 9 p.m.



UPDATE: The feed is here.

Visit us here at the Hit&Run blog tomorrow tonight at 9 p.m., when live tweet President Barack Obama's televised prime time remarks about Syria.

In the meantime, why not follow Reason's paper trail on the issue so far:

War in Syria: The Endless Quest for Credibility: Our global standing won't suffer if we refuse to bomb Syria by Steve Chapman

Tony Blair Says War in Iraq Made UK 'Hesitant' To Back Military Intervention in Syria by Matthew Feeney

Has There Been a Rapture of Anti-War Celebrities? If Not, Where The Hell Are They? by Nick Gillespie

And much, much more.

Or enjoy this video: Three Reasons Not To Go To War with Syria

Also, watch for a post-speech response by Senator Rand Paul who has already demanded that the president call off his push for a war vote while diplomatic efforts continue.