Right to Work

Judge Rules Against Indiana's Right-to-Work Law

Attorney general vows to take it to State Supreme Court


A Lake County judge has ruled Indiana's so-called "right to work" law unconstitutional.

During a legal challenge launched by Local 150, Judge John Sedia took issue with the part of the law requiring unions to represent workers while making illegal for them to require membership dues.

"The right to work law here is unsafe, unfair and an unnecessary law and now it's been ruled unconstitutional, so we couldn't be more pleased," said Jeff Harris, spokesman for the Indiana AFL/CIO.

"The court in Lake County has said (to the legislature), you're requiring this statute,  you're requiring citizens and organizations in this state to provide services without compensation and that's got to be problematic for any legislature or any attorney general," said Stephanie Jane Hahn, an attorney who specializes in employment law.

Problematic or not, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has already indicated that his office will appeal the ruling directly to the Indiana Supreme Court.