NSA Organizes Against Rep. Amash, Rep. Weiner's New Sexting Scandal, Obama Turns to Hollywood for ACA Help: P.M. Links


  • "Look over there! It's San Diego Mayor Bob Filner!"
    Credit: Boss Tweed / Foter / CC BY

    Rep. Justin Amash's efforts to curtail the power of the National Security Agency to collect vast swaths of private communications information has prompted a top secret meeting by the NSA and certain members of Congress to try to stop him.

  • Think the Affordable Care Act entitles you to free birth control? It's not that simple.
  • Anthony Weiner's latest scandal to pop up emerge as he runs for mayor of New York is that, even a year after his last sexting scandal cost him his seat in Congress, he engaged in similar sexting with a 22-year-old. His handle is allegedly "Carlos Danger."
  • Researchers doubt whether sex addiction is a real thing, so Weiner won't be able to use that as an excuse.
  • President Barack Obama is asking celebrities like Amy Poehler and Oprah Winfrey to help him sell the Affordable Care Act. He needs them, as moderate and conservative Democrats are turning against it.
  • Dolphins apparently have their own names and unique whistles to identify each other. I bet none of them are called "Flipper."

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