Los Angeles

LA's New Mayor Makes City Managers Reapply for Jobs

Some may not be returning


Moving quickly to assemble his own team, Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday asked the top managers of 35 city agencies and departments to reapply for their jobs.

Executives overseeing parks, libraries, airports and a host of other city-run services are being told they will have to demonstrate how their agencies will become more nimble, technologically savvy and responsive to Los Angeles residents or risk losing their jobs, Garcetti said at a City Hall news conference. Some managers probably won't be rehired, he said before heading into a private meeting with the department heads. The request fulfills a promise Garcetti made during the campaign and in his recent inaugural speech.

"You've got to be able to take on some of the entrenched culture and bureaucracy," Garcetti told reporters. "I want people to have a sense of excitement. If they don't have a sense of excitement about this place, they probably shouldn't be here."