Boston Marathon Bombing

Poll: 91 Percent of Mass. Residents Supported Boston Lockdown



Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis was pleased with how law officials apprehended Boston Bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev, and the way they responded to the explosions the day of the marathon, calling the actions of officers and first responders "tremendous." And according to a recent poll conducted by an "independent think tank," many Massachusetts residents felt the same.

Following the mayhem that cast a shadow over Boston during a week-long manhunt for the suspects involved with the bombs detonated at the marathon on April 15, the MassINC Polling Group, a non-partisan organization that conducts statewide quarterly polls, asked residents how they thought police, the FBI and other law enforcement officials handled the response to the attacks, and eventual capture of one of the bombing suspects. The statistics, which were based on interviews with 500 people, indicated that overall, people "expressed a strongly positive impression of law enforcement and [gave] their stamp of approval to the… response."