Gay Marriage

Rand Paul Proposes Getting Government Out of Marriage

Deal with same-sex marriage by making the tax code neutral to status


At yesterday's briefing for reporters at National Review's D.C. offices, Sen. Rand Paul was admirably blunt about his national ambitions. This isn't how politicians typically do things. Typically, when asked whether they're considering a run for president, rising stars have to say they're flattered but taking things one cliche at a time. (Oh, the hours wasted by reporters asking Tim Pawlenty if he would run for president!) But when National Review's D.C. editor Robert Costa asked Paul if he was carving out a new future for the GOP, Paul said yes. The Romney campaign should be the last that spends "$300 million on ads in Ohio and none in California." Republicans needed to compete where they'd been losing.

"All those states that are blue states—they may or may not be winnable, but they may only be winnable if we have a different tone," he said. "Those who resisted the influence of libertarian Republicans from 2008 to 2012—I think they're smart to revisit that."