Brian Doherty Discusses Libertarian New City Schemes on Huffington Post Live with Seasteading Institute Founder Patri Friedman


Libertarians have long dreamed of escaping the depradations of modern states through creating new countries, cities, or other communities with their own sets of rules.

I've written about these ideas frequently for Reason, most lengthily in the context of the Free State Project in 2004 (an attempt to shift New Hampshire in a more libertarian direction, still in progress) and Seasteading in 2009 (building new polities in the open ocean).

I chatted about some such ideas in the works now (including Seasteading, Honduran free citiees, Glenn Beck's Texas redoubt, and a hoped-for libertarian buyout of Detroit's Belle Island) on Huffington Post Live on Friday, with host Jim Poulos and fellow guests Patri Friedman (founder of the Seasteading Institute) and Christina Heller, maker of the documentary Libertopia, which focused on the Free State Project.

You can watch the HuffPost Live segment here.