Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage a Tough Sell to Older Minnesota Voters

It's a tight race, so every vote counts


SHOREVIEW, Minn.—The word "homosexual" was rarely uttered in public when Louise Pardee was growing up, but now the 81-year-old is dialing up fellow Minnesota senior citizens trying to convince them gay relationships are nothing to fear. 

"Often I find myself saying, 'I know this isn't an easy thing to talk about,"' Pardee said, between calls at a phone bank in suburban St. Paul set up to fight a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage. 

Minnesota is one of four states with gay marriage on the November ballot, and gay rights supporters hope this is the year they finally get a win after defeats in 32 previous state votes on the definition of marriage. They are encouraged by national polls showing increasing acceptance of same-sex marriage by younger generations.