Election 2012

Republicans Charge "Bias" in Polls

Or maybe they just have a candidate even weaker than the incumbent


On the heels of several new polls showing President Obama opening up big leads over Mitt Romney in key battleground states, some Republicans are accusing pollsters of a Democratic bias—and suggesting that the recent poll numbers don't tell the real story.

Tuesday, a new Washington Post poll showed Mr. Obama leading Romney by 8 points in Ohio—a spread that indicates a distinct advantage for the president in a state many believe is critical to a Romney victory. A new battleground poll from CBS News/New York Times/Quinnipiac out Wednesday shows Mr. Obama with a 10-point advantage in the state, as well as a 12-point lead over Romney in Pennsylvania and a 9-point lead over his rival in Florida. If accurate, these numbers signal trouble for Romney in finding a path to 270 electoral votes.

In recent days, however, Romney officials and other conservatives have cast doubt on the polls, saying the polling models favor Democratic candidates. The Romney camp has also suggested that internal surveys show a different picture.