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Ron Paul Campaign's Jesse Benton "This time it's about real political victory"


Interesting followup of sorts to my article from this morning on the Paul campaign after Super Tuesday, NPR gets some interesting quotes and observations from the campaign's chair and main spokesman Jesse Benton. Highlights from Benton:

Most of the delegate projection is simply that, speculation based on how people think delegates will be allotted based on performance in nonbinding straw polls….The reporting of delegate attainment is largely skewed by the media right now….

The money that we're raising, we're spending very, very aggressively to win delegates. In 2008, the whole point was that we thought conservatives and constitutionalists deserved to have a constitutionalist to vote for even down the line. It was largely a party-building exercise. This time it's about real political victory. Dr. Paul is going to stay in this race either until he's the nominee or another candidate has 1,144 bound delegates. We see a brokered convention situation as very likely….

We won't have money left over. What will be left is the organization, the movement, the lists, things like that. That will be left behind, and that's extremely valuable. Not a pot of money. Those assets are there to try to fight for liberty and Sen. [Rand] Paul is one of the premier voices for liberty in this country. The assets that we have will always be available for him to use as he sees fit….

 this beating of the war drums is disastrous for the Republican Party. If the Republican Party wants to just anoint Barack Obama and hand him keys to a second term, then Republicans can just continue this warmongering…..The American people are very clear: They don't want us going carelessly into another war. Barack Obama is painting himself as a much more reasonable person, who is much more open to peace. We don't believe that. But on the naked politics of it, the appearance, Barack Obama is painting himself as the reasonable person that's much more in step with the American people on this.

Bonus Paul data: a fan cobbles his vote totals in terms of percentage of total state population.

Bonus Paul video: Video made by old Reason-er Cosmo Wenman. Other candidates may talk about love, and try to hug you, but Ron Paul means it:

Bonus opportunity to buy my forthcoming book on Paul.