Special One-Time Offer! Read Reason's Great March 2012 Cover Story on Mitt Romney Right the Hell Now!


Kiss me, America!

As Reason subscribers know, there is a gap between the moment a new issue lands in the mailbox, and when it becomes available online. This is partly because YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW IT IS ONLY $14.97 A YEAR WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.

For example, our great February special space issue is being rolled out online for the rest of the month of January. (Please do not make a February/January joke here; the magazine-world spits on your "logic.")

What I'm getting at here, is that our March cover story, a great Peter Suderman piece of analytical reporting entitled "Consultant in Chief: Instead of planning to cut government, Mitt Romney is repackaging the same old Republicanism," is being made specially available to all of you, in advance of the mailman, for the price of your valid e-mail address. It is essential reading for anyone trying to figure out just what kind of president Mitt Romney would make. Click here and follow the instructions, and the article will be yours.

You're welcome.