One More Reason Cops Don't Like Cameras: Sometimes They Get Caught Having Sex in Uniform


Just yesterday I blogged a strong piece by Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds on why it's legal and good for citizens to film the police. While good cops welcome the surveillance of their behavior and activities, bad cops and other law enforcement officers don't.

Here's one more story to add to the pile of why cops might worry about having cameras trained on them along with criminals:

Video camera set up to nab graffiti vandals tapes cop having sex

A surveillance camera set up by Santa Fe County to catch graffiti vandals on public property instead recorded footage of a uniformed New Mexico state police officer apparently having sex with a woman.

The sheriff's office confirms the video was taken on county land at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch, a 470-acre spread that includes a 7,800-square-foot mansion, guest quarters, a foreman's residence, swimming pool, tennis courts, a barn, corrals and a lake….

Sheriff Robert Garcia says that although nothing illegal appeared to be going on in the pictures, they seemed to depict "inappropriate" activity, the Journal reports.

When the Journal broke the news of the incident this month, here was Garcia's initial response: "I'm glad it was not one of my deputies."

More here.

College student Jerome Vorus got hassled by cops for photographing them during a traffic stop in Washington, D.C. Take a look:

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