Chicago Politics on a Global Stage?


Columnist Ron Hart on anti-market politics in the U.S. and the dangers of "Crony Capitolism":

Korean automaker Hyundai registered record sales in August. Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei might soon pass Cisco in sales. Brazil's jet maker Embraer is, according to Cessna CEO Jack Pelton "scaring us to death." And more IPOs are happening away from America's overly regulated capital markets. In addition, India has heart bypass surgery outcomes equal to the U.S. at half the cost, and Singapore is willing to pay U.S. biotech research stars about $715,000 in annual salaries.

In short, we do not have a monopoly on capitalism. We risk losing out to a world market that moves faster and with more resolve today than ever before. Our new political class does not seem to care that innovation and capitalism are fleeing.

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