Barack Obama

In Anticipation of Gov't-Run Health Care…


Sorry…the doctor is in…sane

Columnist Ron Hart writes:

To quote P.J. O'Rourke, "If you think health care is expensive now, wait 'till it is free."

After regulating into submission the auto companies, banks and Fannie Mae (thus giving the Federal government large stakes in all of them), the Dems now plan to use their magical business prowess on one-seventh of our economy, the best health care system in the world.  At long last, our banking, car manufacturing and health care will be as efficiently run as [AMTRAK], the DMV, the Property Assessor's Office and the Post Office….

In a year when Fed Ex and UPS made billions and paid taxes, the United States Postal "Service" lost $2.4 billion. What makes the loss more interesting is that most of that money was lost in the mail.

Since there is little demand for their "service," the USPS has now raised the price of a stamp to forty-four cents in response.  Our government will apply the same logic to Chrysler and GM upon gaining control of them. If the 2012 Cobalt does not sell at $13,000, the government will simply raise the price to $92,000 and eliminate two of the cup holders….

As Fed-Ex and UPS have proven in package delivery, free market competition is the answer to affordable health care in America. If health care consumers were allowed to shop for their services, had to pay for it directly, and really understood the pricing, the system would fix itself by sorting out the winners and losers.

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