Campaign Finance

John McCain: Public Financing of Elections is "Dead"! Hooray!


From a Wash Times interview with the failed presidential candidate and senator from Arizona who was one of the guiding forces behind campaign-finance laws designed to abridge the First Amendment:

Sen. John McCain, an architect of sweeping campaign-finance reform who got walloped by a presidential candidate armed with more than $750 million, predicts that no one will ever again accept federal matching funds to run for the nation's highest office.

"No Republican in his or her right mind is going to agree to public financing. I mean, that's dead. That is over. The last candidate for president of the United States from a major party that will take public financing was me," the Arizona Republican told The Washington Times.

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Former Federal Election Commission member Brad Smith on just how awful McCain's legislation on the matter is/was/always will be. And why Sen. McCain refused to shake his hand!: