Animal Rights

Newt Gingrich: Protect the world "not only for future generations of human beings, but for all living things."


If it's Monday, it's time for Newt Gingrich's latest dispatch from the frontlines of World War III, a.k.a. "Winning the Future." 

This week, Newt reports on the French election from Berlin (yes, it's very confusing). Sarkozy is, to Newt's eye, "a tough, confrontational leader—a man who has been preaching things that don't sound very much like the French establishment." Indeed, Sarko is "a different kind of Frenchman"–the son of Hungarian immigrants.

But more important, former Mr. Speaker, how are the zoos there in Berlin?

While we are here in Berlin, Callista and I plan to stop by the zoo to see my namesake, Knut the polar bear. He's getting bigger these days, but you probably remember him from a few months ago when he was a cub recently abandoned by his mother. Some animal rights activists had declared that he should be put to death rather than be raised by humans. I'm going to see Knut, not only because of my great love of zoos and the natural world, but because I think he is a symbol of a growing divide on man's relationship with the environment. The activists who wanted Knut killed represent the radical view that humans are only destroyers of the natural world and that human needs and wants shall always be a distant second to the environment.

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