Foreign Policy

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"Iraqis have really good food, they don't need a KFC."

— Stephanie Schaudel, co-coordinator for Voices in the Wilderness, on the terrors facing post-war Iraq, on, April 11

"I think all these new deadly illnesses are springing up because of the way we treat the planet. Do you agree?"

— Bill O'Reilly, discussing the SARS virus on the April 1 O'Reilly Factor


Dissent lives at the local level. Ninety-six municipalities and counties have passed resolutions against the USA PATRIOT Act, and so has the state of Hawaii. One town—Arcata, California—has gone further, with an ordinance instructing its employees to disobey federal requests that infringe constitutional rights. Local chapters of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee are organizing to push similar measures in other places; to follow their progress, go to