John BrennanWhite HouseDrone Wars would have been an awesome title for a straight-to-video '80s science fiction movie starring Tim Thomerson, but war waged with drones was the starting point for my appearance on RT with the always excellent Liz Wahl (Yes, that was a reach. But how else am I going to work in a Trancers reference?). We talked about Sen. Rand Paul holding up the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA, the possibility that the Obama administration might think its legal rationale (or lack thereof) for using drones could apply domestically, and whether the most transparent administration ever might be just around the corner.

What do you say folks? Is death by drone the most efficient delivery of battlefield justice to-date? Is it an exercise in executive-fueled due process? Or could it be, perhaps, something else?

Hint: I'm thinking something else.