The New York Times mixes up comparative and superlative, throws some cold water on the First Lady's Dickensian tales of youth, and The Economist makes you wonder if there's a term for that feeling you get when somebody says something so embarrassing that you become embarrassed on that person's behalf. A sample of reactions to First Lady of America Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention: 

Alexandra Petri, Washington Post 
[First Lady of America Michelle Obama] spoke feelingly about being America’s “Mom in Chief”, about her roots and her parents’ struggles and the need to pull together. She teared up. The audience teared up. Their tears teared up. Several elderly misers opened their windows and began flinging all their possessions at street urchins.

Allessandra Stanley, New York Times
Like Mrs. Romney before her, Mrs. Obama was tapped to draw a personal, approachable portrait of a husband who is sometimes seen as aloof and didactic. Both women spoke winningly, but Mrs. Obama, who has addressed a political convention before, gave the strongest performance.

Cory Booker, @CoryBooker
Wow! Our Nation's 1st Lady just gave a phenomenal & inspiring speech. Go #MichelleObama!

David Espo and Matthew Daly, Associated Press
The president was back home in the White House after a campaign appearance in Virginia as delegates cheered every mention of his name from the convention podium. He promised he'd be watching on television when his wife spoke.

Tatyana Ali, @OfficialTatyana
#MichelleObama is so fierce, so much integrity and HONESTY. How is there even a choice???

Michelle Obama, The Onion
Honestly, I’m thrilled to see all of you here tonight, knowing that my presence has been consciously engineered to soften my husband’s image and give his poll numbers a quick boost. There is really no greater pleasure in the world than getting up on this stage and talking to millions of Americans not only as a first lady, but also as a cynical ploy to add warmth, humanity, and relatability to an otherwise cold, detached three-day display of political gamesmanship.

Joel B. Pollak,
Both Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama began their adult lives with a leg up on the rest of America. They attended elite schools: Michelle went to Whitney Young, the public magnet school for Chicago’s upper class, while Barack attended Punahou, the private prep school for the top stratum of Hawaiian society. They were accepted to Ivy League schools despite undistinguished credentials, and both attended Harvard Law School.

Jonah Goldberg, National Review
There were many points where I thought what she said was simply untrue or ludicrous, but rarely dishonest. Political wives are almost always immune to the charge of dishonesty because you have to assume their love for their husband is sincere. There are exceptions, but I don’t think the Obamas qualify as one.

The Illuminati, @ThelIluminati
#MichelleObama is the new Queen of The Illuminati. All Hail Michelle Obama 

Peter Rof, Politico
She couldn’t claim that Americans are better off today than they were four years ago so she talked quite movingly about the kind of man her husband is. Being a good man, however, does not mean you are a good president and - in any event - his likability is wearing thin.

Jan Slagter, @slagter_jan
#MichelleObama:Verandering kost tijd.Oproep aan vele dovemansoren.Rechts Amerika heeft een andere agenda, Lady!

Will Wilkinson, Economist
Ms Obama's speech was paint-by-numbers, but the painting happened to be the Mona Lisa. 

Mary W., @myownwa
Woke up feeling inspired.. #MichelleObama

Ama Dwimoh, Esq, @AmaDwimohEsq
America's first Lady was simply brilliant! She made the case--Her sincerity & credibility spoke volumes-Chief Mom! #MichelleObama #DNC2012

Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
What was that about the "enthusiasm gap" the Democrats are suffering from, which has been conventional wisdom for months, or actually a couple of years?