Peter S. Canellos, Boston Globe
Ann Romney was so good that the opera was effectively over before the fat man sang. 

Larry Womack, Huffington Post:
"If you called your dad," he points out, "he could stop it all." Still, she persists.

John Dickerson, CBS:
If Mitt Romney's problem is that voters don't think he's authentic enough, listening to a woman testify to her authentic adoration certainly conveys authenticity on the object of her devotion. 

Alessandra Stanley, New York Times:
The adversity she glossed over with such poise was hers to overcome, not his; her energetic, excited performance highlighted her appeal even more than his steadfastness.

Loved #AnnRomney's speech especially the part about how Mitt can't release taxes cuz her horse ate them. And then Christie ate the horse.

Come on, Ann, you are totally ignoring those of us who also work hard to pay our mortgages and our local taxes to support education, and contribute to the children in our lives, those of us who participate and support our community to make it a safe and good place to live, who worry about our parents, siblings and nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors. No words of encouragement or any acknowledgment at all??

Sara Gaynes, Boston Herald:
Signs are good so far for the former first lady of Massachusetts, who’s wowed fans with her classic style.

Molly Ball, Atlantic:
The candidate's wife wore a high-necked, belted red satin dress and clasped both hands to her face, briefly, emotionally. She spoke quickly and a bit softly at first, punctuated with a nervous laugh. "I love you WOM-en!" she cried, with a distinctly Oprah-ish lilt. "And I hear your voices!"

Maressa Brown, The Stir
No doubt about it, people. Mitt Romney must have gotten the memo that he needs the lady vote, and he'll stop at nothing to attain it! 

Paul Mirengoff, PowerLine
The first part of her speech was a bit too “female chauvinist” for me. But then, it wasn’t addressed to me.

Update. Pantith News makes a recondite find, which seems to have something to do with gold-medal-winning pugilist and Garfield High graduate Oscar De La Hoya
Ann Romney made her grand entrance at the Republican National Convention last night in a bright red silk taffeta dress by Oscar de la Renta, a particularly dramatic choice because he has never been worn by Michelle Obama during her tenure as first lady. In fact, Michelle has ignored de la Renta to the point where he has expressed some grumpiness about her style choices, even admitting that he was “dying of jealousy” when she wore a Peter Soronen dress to the Governors Ball in 2010.