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The Filter Bubble (with SF Author/Futurist David Brin, Prof. Jane Bambauer, Prof. Mark Lemley, Prof. Ted Parson, and Me)

Our video is now posted.

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My fellow panelists and I had a great conversation about this Friday:

The Filter Bubble: What's the Problem, and what (if anything) should be done about it? Social media and other online information sources are charged with creating "filter bubbles": sheltered clusters of people with similar views, which foster polarized opinions and partisan zeal, degrade civility, and destabilize politics. Is this phenomenon real? Is it new? How does it work? And if its effects are that bad, how can they be fixed?

And now the recording is online; just click here. (David Brin is missing in the image reproduced here, and I look like I'm falling asleep, but both David and an awake version of me appear on the video itself.)