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"An Introduction to Constitutional Law" Featured on Life, Liberty, & Levin

Our book shot to #4 on the best seller list, and is now completely sold out everywhere

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Last night, my co-author Randy Barnett appeared on Life, Liberty, & Levin on the Fox News Channel. Towards the end of the episode, he discussed our book, "An Introduction to Constitutional Law." Here is the segment:

Almost immediately after the segment, our book completely sold out on Amazon, and shortly thereafter, from our publisher.  Indeed, we shot up to #4 on the Amazon best-seller list. We were in front of Kobe Bryant and Jessica Simpson, but behind Elmo. (I am glad priorities are in place.)

As of now, there are no paperback books available, anywhere. Our publisher is making contingency plans. You can still buy the ebook from Kindle or from Vital Source (our recommendation.). If you have already purchased the book, please leave a review on Amazon.

Update: Our publisher has made a small quantity available for direct shipment. You can order here.