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Avoid #SpectrumMobile Like the Plague

What an appalling customer service experience.

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I was enticed by Spectrum Mobile's unlimited data plan offer for Spectrum customers—what a mistake. I placed the order on Nov. 6, after having to go through the whole order process three times; apparently they were having computer problems on their end. (The process was time-consuming each time, because I was moving three lines from my old phone service, and getting three new phones.) Then I waited for several days, and nothing arrived; when I called them, it turned out there was some glitch with my order, though I hadn't gotten any e-mail from them alerting me to it.

Finally, on Nov. 15 the phone was scheduled to be delivered; it took me until yesterday (Nov. 18) to get it because someone had to sign for it, and FedEx just missed us Friday and Saturday (not Spectrum Mobile's fault on that). I got my new Google Pixel 3a configured yesterday evening.

This morning, the phone touch screen stops working—the phone is on, and even gets phone calls, but I can't do anything with it, because everything requires a touch screen. Well, I figure: Lemons happen, so I'll just call and get it exchanged. After literally over an hour talking to several people, it turns out that they'll send me a replacement phone … for arrival Friday. Now my old phone is disconnected (not sure whether I can get it back up by swapping SIM cards), my new phone is a brick, and I'm out of touch until Friday.

I can't say I was wild about my old Samsung 6, or Verizon. But at least they worked—more than I can say for Spectrum Mobile.