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Hey look, Drew Carey's on TV!

As many observers and fans of "The Price Is Right" have pointed out, Drew's position on medical marijuana is a bit more controversial than Bob Barker's stance on spaying and neutering pets. But is being in favor of medical marijuana really all that radical? Will Drew's reputation suffer as a result?

AOL conducted an online poll to find out. With more than 50,000 people voting, here are the results:

Does Drew Carey's position on medical marijuana alter your opinion of him?

  • Yes, I like him more--46%
  • No change--40%
  • Yes, I like him less--14%

Should marijuana be legal for medical uses?

  • Yes--86%
  • No--9%
  • I'm not sure--5%

Is it any wonder the DEA refused our request for an interview?

You can find's Drew Carey Medical Marijuana video here.