Millennials, Permissionless Innovation, and the Libertarian Future

Nick Gillespie tells Australia's "The Rational Rise" why he's bullish about the prospects for freedom in the 21st century.


I traveled to Sydney, Australia earlier this year to speak at the Friedman Conference, an annual event organized by the Australian Libertarian Society and the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. While I was there, James Fox Higgins of The Rational Rise interviewed me about Millennials, libertarianism, and the future. The video is up and here's the writeup:

James had the honour of interviewing Nick Gillespie, editor of, to unpack some of his optimistic views on liberty in the future, and the power of technology driven by a culture of "permissionless innovation" to create a more individualistic society.

For more on Higgins and TRR, go here. Watch/listen to the Q&A below: