Donald Trump

Trump's Carrier Cronyism, Goldman Sachs' Revolving Door, and Obama's Late-Breaking Reefer Sanity

Matt Welch discusses these issues plus fake news and Thanksgiving poisonings on FBN's Kennedy tonight at 9 pm ET


On tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network at the special time of 9 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight), I'm the meat in a babe sandwich between Party Panelists Julie Banderas (Fox host) and Katie Pavlich (Townhall editor), and accordingly we spend a not-insignificant time talking about vomit and diarrhea. (Let's just say there was a Thanksgiving Party that went horribly wrong involving 75 percent of this evening's participants.)

We talk firmer substance, too, including the cronyism of Donald Trump's Carrier intervention, the ridiculousness of the suggestion that somehow Goldman Sachs had been hopelessly exiled these long years until Trump's shock victory, and the belatedness of President Barack Obama's otherwise welcome conversion to the maybe-let's-legalize-pot train. It's a fun show and you should watch!