Privatize the Damned TSA Already!

Matt Welch calls for an end to federalized airport screening on Fox Business Network


The horror-show headlines are coming daily at this point. "Travelers sound off on nightmarish lines at Chicago airports," "TSA Head Apologizes to Chicago for Long Lines: 'I Don't Know What That Was," "TSA uproar spills into Congress." Getting through security lines at the airport is like waiting for the new ride at Universal Studios, only without the Butterbeer. Technocratic liberals are in open revolt at the embarrassing, obvious-to-all incompetence of the bureaucracy that Congress inexplicably willed into existence after 9/11, instead of simply mandating some new screening rules and letting skin-in-the-game airports figure out the best delivery systems.

On Fox Business Network's After the Bell program Friday, I declared that enough is enough: Privatize the sumbitch already:

For a thorough policy dive into how best to dismantle the Transportation Security Administration, read this great 2013 Reason Foundation report by Robert Poole and Shirley Ybarra.

Reason on the TSA here.