Election 2016

Which Presidential Candidate Resembles Which Star Wars Character?

Besides, obviously, Donald Trump as Darth Vader. And Lincoln Chafee as C-3PO.


Meredith Bragg/Reason

Now that the trailer is out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be released in December, we can finally ask some tough questions. Chief among them: Which presidential candidate resembles which Star Wars character?

It seems a cinch that Donald Trump approaches Darth Vader, at least in terms of domination of every living thought so far on the Republican side. Trump is essentially force-choking his GOP rivals the way the Sith Lord dispatches with annoying crewmembers.

And to the extent that C-3PO's main function is to smooth etiquette and customs, let's call him the Lincoln Chafee of George Lucas's trillion-dollar franchise. Chafee's main claim to fame at this point in the race is his lack of scandals and lack of centrality to the main plotline.

But beyond that, where do we go from? Work it out in the comments, readers, and lay waste to the premise like a Tusken Raider with a hangover.

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