Edward Snowden

In Tweet, Edward Snowden Scolds Those Who Censor Speakers on Campuses

'An individual trying to limit speech at universities is interested in neither university nor justice.'


Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden tweeted his support for free speech on campuses after being asked to denounce leftist students who disinvite speakers.

After Snowden wrote that "social justice is common sense," another Twitter user replied: "Can you please direct that at SJWs that uninvite speakers at universities because their views may be offensive to some?" The acronym "SJW" is shorthand for "social justice warrior," a derogatory reference to far-left activists, often of the feminist persuasion.

In reply to the reply, Snowden wrote:

At least one former fan tweeted that he was un-following the NSA leaker because Snowden has unmasked himself as a GamerGate supporter, as if belief in the necessity of free speech for college speakers were an exclusive stance of the GamerGate movement (it's not).

In any case, it's great to see Snowden—who is rightly considered a hero to most libertarians—criticize the anti-liberal tendencies of the college censorship regime.