South Dakota Clinic Offers Parents Free Drug Tests for Kids, No One Takes Offer Yet


everybody gets a drug testing

A drug testing clininc in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, is offering parents free drug testing sessions for their children next week but is not finding any interest. Via the Rapid City Journal:

"We have not had one person call," [Lori] Lei said. "It's really disheartening, because we encourage parents to test."

The free testing offer was made through an article this week in the local weekly paper, and through word of mouth. The offer may be going unheeded because not enough people have heard about it, or it could be that testing your child creates an uncomfortable situation.

Lei, who owns Drug Screening Services in Belle Fourche, has offered the free drug screenings starting on Monday, April 21. She chose that date because it falls just after 4/20, which is a common buzzword for marijuana use either on April 20 or at 4:20 on the clock.

Lei says even the threat of being drug tested could give children an "excuse" to just say no when drugs are offered, but, as the Rapid City Journal puts it in their headline, parents appear to be just saying no to the offer.