Obama Calls for Commitment to Veterans as Afghan War Ends

Ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony


The United States' commitment to its veterans "is more urgent than ever" as the current chapter of war comes to an end, President Obama said Monday, as he commemorated Veterans Day at a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

This winter, troop levels in Afghanistan will be down to 34,000, and by this time next year, the process of handing over control to Afghan security forces will be nearly complete. "The longest war in American history will end," Mr. Obama said.

"As is true after every conflict, there's a risk the devoted services of our veterans might fall from the forefront of our minds," the president continued. "Part of the reason we are here is to pledge we will never forget… Even though this time of war is coming to a close, our time of service to our newest veterans has only just begun."