Three Arrested in India Over Honor Killings

Couple wanted to marry, family had other ideas


Police in the Indian state of Haryana have arrested three people over the killing of a couple who were planning to marry despite family opposition.

A 23-year man was beaten and beheaded and his 20-year-old girlfriend was also killed in Rohtak district on Wednesday, according to police.

The woman's father, mother and brother have been held in connection with the murders - they have made no comment.

Police told the BBC they are treating the case as an "honour crime".

So-called honour crimes are common in India, where many still prefer arranged marriages within their own caste and love matches are often frowned upon.

Dharmender Barak, 23, and Nidhi Barak, 20 were allegedly killed by members of the woman's family in Garnauthi village in Rohtak on Wednesday evening.