Obama Aide Concedes Opposition to War is "Understandable"

How generous


White House chief of staff Denis McDonough took to the Sunday shows to make the Obama administration's case for a military strike against Syria, as President Obama and his aides make their closing argument in their effort to win congressional authorization for action against Bashar Assad's regime.

McDonough was on all five major Sunday interview programs as part of the administration's sales pitch on Syria. Lawmakers, who are expected to vote on a use-of-force resolution this week, say they are hearing by large margins from constituents to vote against a military strike.

"That's an absolutely understandable sentiment, given all the sacrifice and investment the United States has made, and our armed forces have made in the last 11 and 12 years," McDonough said on Fox News Sunday. "That's why what the president has in mind here—and what we're consulting Congress on-- is a limited, targeted consequential action. Let me tell you what this is not: This is not Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not Libya—a sustained air campaign. This is not boots on the ground.