White House Not Seeing Policy Implications of Having Misogynists in Power, Russia Will Keep Persecuting Gays During Winter Olympics, Seattle Civil Rights Office Considers "Citizen" and "Brown Bag" Potentially Offensive Words: P.M. Links


  • racist!

    John Kerry promises Pakistan the US drone campaign in the country will end soon because the drones have "eliminated most of the threat and continue to eliminate it."

  • The White House does not appear to believe there are any policy implications to having sexually harassing misogynists like Anthony Weiner and the mayor of San Diego represent Democrats.
  • Samantha Power was sworn in as US ambassador to the UN today after the Senate approved the nomination by an 87-10 vote.
  • Russia reiterated it will not suspend its crackdown on gays and gay rights activists during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, despite claims by the IOC to the contrary.
  • Seattle's civil rights office has banned the use of the words "citizen" and "brown bag" by city employees because they could be potentially offensive.
  • Morocco may legalize the cultivation of marijuana; the country already does not ban its recreational use.
  • Edward Snowden has settled into an undisclosed location in Russia but misses his girlfriend. Obama may skip a planned summit with Vladimir Putin because of the issue.
  • Someone new will answer to "Doctor who?"

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