Boston Marathon Bombing

Bombing Was Unavoidable Security Breach, Says Boston Police Commissioner

Terrorists plan around security measures, he admits


Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis is owning up to a security breach at Monday's Boston Marathon bombing but defending his department's preparations, saying cops had a sound safety plan and that little short of a "police state" could have stopped the deadly attack.

"I believe we were diligent in our preparations," Davis told the Herald last night. "We increased the staffing. We did several sweeps of the area and, tragically, they got by us."

As many as 60 extra cops worked the marathon this year, Davis said, with uniformed as well as undercover officers patrolling the finish line as the bombs exploded just before ?3 p.m., with tens of thousands of spectators standing thick along the fences.

"There was a bombing incident, so that's obviously a breach," Davis said. "Fortunately, this is not a police state. And these are soft targets. So terrorists will plan around incidents and events that are not strictly controlled and exploit those events to accomplish their means. We've known that since 9/11."