The High Price of War, Obama Pushes Forward on Gun Regs, EPA Wants Cleaner Gas: P.M. Links


  • This is why we can't have nice things
    Photo credit: Looper5920 / / Public domain

    A study out of Harvard calculates that the combined Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the United States between $4 to $6 trillion after future medical costs for veterans is factored in. Good luck paying for that, children of tomorrow!

  • President Barack Obama is moving forward with his promised executive actions to bolster gun control policies even as new regulations in the Senate face a tough road.
  • Outgoing Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood says it's a "done deal" for Chicago to get a $100 million federal loan to build six blocks worth of recreational activity along the Chicago River downtown. Remember that when the state goes crawling to the feds for a pension bailout.
  • National Public Radio's famous Talk of the Nation show will be ending after 21 years at the end of June.
  • The EPA is looking to for gasoline manufacturers to reduce sulfur and nitrogen oxides in their products to curb air pollution. It will also, obviously, increase gas prices.
  • Union interests in California are looking to expand their reach. Shocking, we know. The targets this time are interpreters who work with the state's medical program for low-income families. The goal is to get these interpreters to pay union dues and also guarantee them $60 an hour in pay.

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