Speed Cameras

OR Towns Operate Red Light Cameras in Defiance of Law

But there's nobody to hold them accountable


PORTLAND — At least two Oregon towns that run red-light camera programs have ignored a state a law requiring them to file evaluation reports, and there appears to be no state agency or person holding them accountable.

The towns of Medford and Newberg have never filed the evaluation reports, required by law to be filed by March 1 in odd-numbered years. Both towns have had their red-light programs for years, but no one seems to know why they have failed to file the reports.

"I do believe we are supposed to be receiving reports from Newberg and Medford but could not speculate why we have not received them," Oregon State Library Information Specialist Jerry Curry said in an email. The law is vague and simply mandates that local jurisdictions operating red light cameras must file the reports. Newberg has had its red light cameras for about six years and, according to media reports, Medford's program has been in place since at least 2008.